Committed to providing the highest quality, our technicians and machinists are detail oriented. All of our work is done to the standards set by your enegineered product plan, or drawing, ensuring your final product from us as if it had just come off the showroom floor.

At AllStar Machining, Inc., we use state-of-the-art three dimensional measuring and digital imaging systems for parts restoration and all others.

AllStar Machining, Inc. is a full-service Machine Shop, meaning we can handle any type of Material, maintenance or repair issue, and do it for less than Machine Shops.



- Advanced Engineering Capabilities & Support
- Ultra Precision Grinding (ID, OD, Surface)
- CNC Thread Grinding
- CNC Match Grinding
- CNC Drilling
- Multi-Axis CNC Turning with Full Y-Axis
- EDM Wire, Electrode & Production Drilling
- High Accuracy CNC Milling

- Turned Diameters +/- .0002
- Turned Lengths +/- .0004
- Ground External Diameters .0001
- Ground Internal Diameters +/-.0001
- Match Grind to .000050 to .0001
- Ground Shoulders +/- .0001
- Surface Grinding +/- .0001
- Turned Diameters to 15-3/4”